Why I keep doing Ramen Cooking Class

2 years has passed since I started up Ramen Cooking Class.

There are 2 reasons for starting it.

One reason is that I love ramen and I wanna connect to my business.

Second one is I wanted to make an English speaking environment.

In these days, there is online English class but in offline I joined the event such as Meet up, sometimes made an event as host, but I got bored.

Then, I came up with the idea of starting up Hideki Ramen Cooking Class.

This is combination my experience of making ramen and my curiosity.

When I was just starting it, sometimes I was confused. Because I have an experience to cooking ramen but I had never taught .(Moreover I have to do in English)

However cooking ramen with tourist guests became my weekend fun.

The USA, The UK, Italy, France, Netherlands, Taiwan, Brazil, Australia, NZ and more and more, a lots guests have joined my class. I chatted with them, I gave a new stimulus and made me feel the world is still wide.

Nowadays, because of COVID-19, there is no tourists in Tokyo but I will be ready for recovering to original world.

For ramen fans,

When the time comes, we can trip free, Please come to Tokyo.

Tokyo is attractive city, food is good and very cheap and we have Hot spring spa. And there are many good point to travel.

If you need, I would guide you.

And have a good ramen and talk with.

I’m looking forward to meeting you, someday.



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